Top products to use for lip care

We women, do love wearing lip colors and tints. As it comes in vibrant and bright shades or nude and pastel hues. But no lipstick or tint can make your lips look beautiful if it is not well cared for. The skin of our lips is not as thick as the skin on the other parts of the body. So it gets easily crack and chap which makes it much more important for us to take extra care of. Our lips lack oil glands and it cant create the sun-filtering natural melanin. Chapped lips are most common in winter as the dry air dehydrates our skin. Along with the Dry air, even sun and wind will be the reason behind your chapped lips. Regular usage of lip care products keep your lips healthy. There are few other things that you can try to get healthy lips. Here is the list of must try products for your lips.


1.If you are looking for complete care for your lips then you should try Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Lip Contour Cream Grade 5. Biorevitalizing action on lips helps you to get filler, super-density, plasticity for your lips. A 15-ml tube can be used alone or in combination with other Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing preparations. Apply the lip cream in the morning or in the evening on lips and lip contour, then massage it gently to facilitate its absorption.

homemade lip balms
Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Lip Contour Cream Grade 5.

2.Wanna brighten up your lips, looking for a repair solution for your damaged lips, then try using Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips. An ultra-nourishing balm-oil to comfort and plump up the dry lips and for the natural brightness of your lips. It repairs and nourishes your lips to remove cracks and restore their original volume, the ultimate solution by Laboratories Filorga. It’s A duo of highly nourishing oils and repairing shea butter nourish, restore and protect damaged lips.

Plumping and smoothing: A peptide collagen booster smooths the lips, restoring natural plumpness and redefining the lip contours.

Revitalizing radiance: NCTF®, a cocktail of revitalizing active ingredients, in combination with a radiance boosting active ingredient, instantly revives the natural color of the lips.Day after day the lips become smoother and plumper the results are visible and long lasting. Non-sticky oil and balm texture, flexible silicone applicator. To use apply it on your lips for a few times for a thicker layer and leave it till your skin absorb the nutrients.

homemade lip balms
Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips

3.Do you want to add more volume to your lips then check this Fillerina Lip Volume Grade 1 product from the brand fillerina. 

It immensely helps in the increase of your lip volume. Because of the filling and plumping action of its 6 hyaluronic acid molecules with different molecular weights that penetrate the different cutaneous layers (ex-vivo test). It penetrates deep into your skin and helps in the increase of your lip volume. It is handy as it comes with the special roll-on applicator with 7 ml of filler gel. It lasts for a satisfactory period. The only thing you need to do is to apply in the morning or in the evening on lips to see desired results.

homemade lip balms
Fillerina Lip Volume Grade 1

4.Are you looking for a lip product that you can include in your daily routine? Then Uriage Bariederm Cica Lips would be great. It even works in lip lightening treatment. It’s a first barrier lip balm formulated with Poly-2p, an innovative patented complex, which offers a triple action on your lips. It’s high tolerance and long-lasting formula that is suitable for both professional and personal use. It deeply regenerates due to the combination of two polymers repairs chapped and damaged lips.It immediately soothes dry chapped lips, restoring great comfort.

homemade lip balms, Uriage
Uriage Bariederm Cica Lips

5.Without the moisturizer the lip care would be incomplete. Then try using the Uriage Xemose Moisturizing Lipstick, its a best lip balm which moisturizes the lips and protects them against daily aggressions. It helps you to get soft and luscious lips. The goodness of Shea butter intensely nourishes dry lips, vitamin C and vitamin E protect from external aggressions, thanks to their anti-oxidant and free-radical actions. Its formula enriched in hyaluronic acid brings moisturization with each application.

homemade lip balms, Uriage
Uriage Xemose Moisturizing Lipstick

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